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Morning mist in AdaminabyThe Lake Eucumbene Chamber of Commerce was established at a public meeting in December 2002 and since then it has worked hard to foster business and economic development throughout the area. The Chamber believes that active business and social policies lead to economic development, and that a healthy business and community environment are intertwined. The area it services is north and north-east of Lake Eucumbene, centred around Adaminaby.

All local businesses are encouraged to join the Chamber and work together to help our businesses, our local economy and our future.

Chamber's Goals

The LECC is committed to:
• Promoting Lake Eucumbene and adjacent Kosciuszko National Park as assets that can be managed, to contribute to regional economic productivity and growth;
• Facilitating local business development, to grow the community's wealth and long term wellbeing;
• Managing the visitadaminaby website for visitors and locals;
• Functioning as an effective Chamber of Commerce through representation and advocacy, coordination and facilitation of projects and networking and member services.

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Snowy 2.0 and commercial waste fees are top priorities for the Chamber.

Local chambers of commerce are the contact point for main contractor Future Generation JV and government regarding Snowy 2.0: construction, contracting opportunities, impact on communities and local infrastructure improvements.

Next Chamber of Commerce meeting:  11am 26 September, Adaminaby Memorial Hall Meeting Room

Join the LECC

Lake Eucumbene Chamber of Commerce Inc. welcomes new members from businesses in the Adaminaby - Lake Eucumbene region.
Benefits include:
  • Networking - Improve your professional network with other businesses and organisations to facilitate business growth;
  • Information - Stay informed of what is happening within our business community and progress of major projects and events (Snowy 2.0, Council projects etc); 
  • Training - Access training and development to build your skills to benefit your business;
  • Marketing and Advertising - Be listed on visitadaminaby.com.au and on the LECC Facebook page;
  • Make your voice heard - As members of a Chamber, we can have a larger voice. Use the Chamber to facilitate projects, events, and action on concerns;
  • Support and advice from the NSW Business Chamber through our Chamber Alliance membership. See the NSWBC's energy offer.

Membership is $50/year, which includes a full business listing with photo on this website.

If your business has already purchased a full listing for this financial year, you are eligible for free Chamber membership.

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Contact the Chamber

Lake Eucumbene Chamber of Commerce (Inc.)
c/- The Secretary,
413 Stewartfield Rd,
Bolaro NSW 2629
or email us

2018/19 Notes

Dear Valued Members

Although the chamber has been a little quiet on the forefront, we have been busy working toward a better local economy.
I wanted to take the time to update you on our latest endeavours and goals.

I would firstly like to thank Bill Leane for all his hard work and many hours put into our chamber. Bill recently stood down as Chair of the LECC to focus on his family.
We wish Bill and his family all the best.

During Bill's time as Chair, he followed and acted on many projects. He took great interest in the Redfin threat to our waterways with Snowy 2.0. Bill tirelessly followed the progress of the NSW trout fishing strategies to ensure that the Redfin threat was not overlooked. Many strategies have been proposed but the most beneficial and effective of those is to grow trout to a predatory size before releasing. Not only does this increase survival rate of the fish, it decreases the number of fish require to be released as there will be less fatalities. The spin off from this strategy is a greater number of large trout for our fishing economy. The more fish, the more caught and the better exposure for fishing in our region. We will be sure to continue to follow this issue to ensure the security of our fishing economy.

Our treasurer Tim, has been working on a project to encourage outdoors enthusiasts to the foreshores of Lake Eucumbene. A shared track spanning from Seven Gate to Providence Portal, suitable for walkers, hikers, cyclists and horse riders. The project has been split into 4 stages to make it visible. Tim has gained a great deal of traction to get the project off the ground. We will be sure to keep you updated on this great project.

As acting Chair I intend to be more involved in our chamber and find the issues that are important to our members and address them. With the assistance of SuttonNet, I now have access to the chamber run page, www.visitadaminaby.com.au and intend to audit the page to update the current content and keep the page fresh and inviting. I must commend the page and all the work that has gone into it as the information on this site is extensive and incredibly useful to our visitors and residents alike. Please, take the time to visit the page. If you have any suggestions for the site please feel free to contact me either via the online contact form or at ruth@eucumbenechamber.org.au. I am raring to get stuck into the webpage and excited for your feedback, I do ask though that you be patient with me as it is a very time consuming task to audit and update the webpage. If we have any members with graphics skills, I would love to here from you!

While on the subject of feedback, we have generated an online contact form for you, our business', to submit your concerns and suggestions for local economic growth. You can follow THIS LINK to the feedback page. A letter will also be distributed to non members and the general community are welcome to participate in this survey too. We hope to generate more enthusiasm for our region's economic growth and address any pressing issues there may be to secure a better industrial future, WITHOUT losing our identity. The survey will close November 26, 2018.

Recently, the LECC, Cooma Chamber, Jindabyne Chamber and Dongwha Mills Bombala representative gathered along with representatives from Snowy Hydro, Snowy Monaro Regional Council, Queanbeyan Business Enterprise Centre, NSW Department of Training and Education and the Department of Premier and Cabinet. This gathering was in aid of collaborating with our wider region to be Snowy 2.0 ready and also to ensure our business security weather Snowy 2.0 goes ahead or not. We all went away from this with a focus and goal for our next gathering. The DPC will be collating housing data along with data on short term accommodation and skilled workers in our region, just to name a few. This will then be used for strategic planning during our next meeting and into the future.

In the short term, we all need to be doing our bit to promote our business', region and investment opportunities. Kris Laird from the BEC has offered her services to our region. We will be arranging a date with Kris for business training and advisory services. Individual, one on one times will be available with Kris along with group training and seminars. These sessions will need to be booked in the next couple of weeks, if you have any aspects of your business you would like assistance with please let me know so I can arrange the appropriate training sessions. Alternatively you can contact Kris directly on the details below.

Kris Laird
Business Advisor
0427 668 781

Kris will also be available on the afternoon of November 22nd. To meet with Kris on this date please contact her directly.

As you are aware, there was quite the scare that we would loose our local swimming pool. The community rallied in true community spirit and greatly increased the attendance number. During this time we were able to secure swimming lessons and also raised a small amount of community funds. As for the lessons, we would love to be able to facilitate them again and will be making enquiries to try and secure an instructor. As for the community funds, it is time to inject them back into the community. The LECC would like to hold a design contest for signage for our pool. Details are are still in the works but you can expect this to be announced soon.

None of this could happen if it were not for our dedicated Jan! Jan spends hours applying for grants, consulting with relevant organisations, completing forms and all the tedious paperwork that goes with running a chamber. She is the glue that holds it all together. Thank you Jan!

Please feel free to pass this email along to anyone in your contacts list that may be interested in what the chamber is up to.

With Regards
Ruth Cox
Acting Chair

Thursday 26th April @ 6pm, at the Snowy Scheme Museum:
public meeting with the Mayor and Deputy of the Snowy Monaro Regional Council, and Snowy Hydro's Dean Lynch and Charlie Litchfield.