Get Wet @ The Adaminaby Pool

Get Wet!

The Adaminaby pool has been under threat of closure.

Our community has gathered under the banner GetWet@TheAdaminabyPool, to keep the Adaminaby pool open and Get humans Wet in our pool each summer.

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Summer is upon us and we want to make the most of it. Adaminaby has the privilege of a public swimming pool within the village and we want to make sure we use this resource as much as possible.
In the past we have been able to run a Summer holiday swim program that has been a huge success.
Both locals and visitors alike are welcome to attend these lessons and we encourage anyone who wants their child to improve their swimming skills to express their interest in this fantastic opportunity.
To express your interest for swimming lessons during the January 2019, please phone Ruth on 0429 840 394 or email

 Submit your Interest in lessons here

Once we have an idea of numbers of interested parties
(Children names, ages, abilities and preferred dates) we will be able to determine the fee and dates for this fantastic opportunity.

Between 2002 - 2017 148 children aged between 0-4 died throughout NSW. Of the total 937 drowning recorded in the last 9 finical years, 28% of these drawings occurred in inland waterways. As we are surrounded by lakes, rivers and streams it is vital that out children know how to save themselves in the event something goes wrong while around water.


We need YOU!

We Need Your Help
We want to get the best out of our pool while the weather is hot!
We would like to run 3 organised events over the summer period on the pool grounds. Of course this cannot happen without community support.
We are looking for sponsors for these small events. This would involve supplies for the event and at least 1 person to represent the sponsor at the event and to help on the day. This may be manning a BBQ or supervising a game of cricket.
If you can help out (business or individual) we would love to hear from you at or via PM
the events will be

1. Christmas Pool Party (With the Jolly Man himself if he isn't oo busy!)
- BBQ with Sausage Sanga's, Santa and music

2. Australia Day Cricket match
-BBQ with Sausage Snaga's, Cricket (must have a supervisor), Aussie Ballads

3. Pool Picnic Day and lawn games.

-Arrange 2-3 lawn games and supervisor of these games. BYO Picnic.

What's Up?

The pool was open 119 days from 20 November 2015 to 20 March 2016.


2519 patrons came: an increase of over 77% on the previous summer.

Swimmers and nonswimmers enjoyed BBQ's and games organised by the Pool Group.

Holiday, school and after-school swimming lessons were provided. This came about through the combined efforts of Adaminaby Public School, the Pool Group and Michele's Swim School.

New pool blankets were bought and installed, with help from funds raised by the hardworking Amanda and by the Pool Group ($800 from fundraising events held at the pool). The Snowy River Shire Council covered the remainder of the cost.

A more prominent sign points visitors to the pool, thanks to the Adaminaby CWA.

A big thank you to the 2015-16 pool action group and to everyone who helped to make this a fantastic summer at the Adaminaby pool!

What Can I Do?

  • Contribute your ideas, time & talents
  • Come to public meetings to show your support
  • Join us on Facebook
  • Come up with ideas for events at the pool
  • Provide publicity photos
  • Help to organise and run events
  • Organise a petition
  • Or....

The Story So Far...

Snowy River Shire Council (SRSC) published its proposal for Fit For the Future (FFTF) on the Council's website earlier this year. This included a plan to close Adaminaby pool after June 2016, for estimated savings of $70 000 in the first year and $90 000 thereafter.

Under FFTF, most NSW Councils have had to submit a proposal to the State Government demonstrating their financial capacity for the future. The Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) is checking all Council proposals against Government criteria. IPART will report to the Local Government Minister in mid October 2015. Following this, the Government may decide to amalgamate some Shires.

Public meeting, 2 June 2015: Council reps met with Adaminaby community about its FFTF proposal. Plans to close the pool after June 2016 dominated discussion.

Submission to IPART, 31 July 2015: Lake Eucumbene Chamber of Commerce (LECC) responded to Council's proposal to close the Adaminaby pool.

You can read the SRSC proposal and LECC's response on IPART's website.

Public Meeting, 8 September 2015: LECC called a meeting to ascertain community support for a campaign to increase pool usage and create a way forward to keep our pool open.

A group has been formed under LECC to steer and coordinate the GetWet@TheAdaminabyPool campaign.

Facebook Page, 15 September 2015: Adaminaby Save Our Pool page began and attracted over 200 followers overnight.

Posts are brimming with ideas to Get people Wet in our pool, gather community support and create a realistic plan to manage the pool in future. There's plenty on the social history of the pool and its importance to our area.

First Meeting of Organisers for GetWet@theAdaminabyPool, 24 September 2015

IPART Report to the Minister for Local Government, October 2015: IPART has recommended that the Snowy River Shire not stand alone, but be amalgamated with other Councils. You can read their assessment of SRSC or the full IPART report and media release.

Meeting with SRSC Staff, 9 November 2015: How to arrange events and activities at the pool, impact of council amalgamations on the pool's future.

Meeting of Organisers for GetWet@theAdaminabyPool, 9 November 2015

Presentation to Snowy River Shire Council Meeting, Adaminaby, 24 November 2015: Members of the pool action group presented our case to the SRSC in public forum.

Visit by John Barilaro, MP, 4 March 2016: Spoke to community members & Pool Group about the pool's future and visited the pool at the end of a swimming lesson.

Amalgamated Council Announced, 12 May 2016