Help Control European Wasps

The Lake Eucumbene district is working to minimise the European Wasp population around the lake.

The innovative Wasp Wardens project is a collaboration of landowners, businesses, visitors and residents who are keen to take care of our lake environs.

Wasp Wardens are in action from October to May.

The Problem

European wasps (Vespula germanica) have become a nuisance in many parts of Australia:

  • nesting in banks, residences and gardens
  • causing painful stings (the wasps do not die after stinging)
  • spoiling food
  • degrading outdoor activities.

What is a Wasp Warden?

Volunteer Wasp Wardens have been appointed in the villages and fishing accommodation centres around Lake Eucumbene.

Wardens are trained and equipped to monitor European wasp populations, administer environmentally friendly dusts (synthetic pyrethrum) and set baits.

Wardens do not enter private property without owners' permission.

Why Wasp Wardens?

Individual landowners and residents can only control wasps on their own properties; but Wardens can plan and execute a regional response.

Many houses around Lake Eucumbene belong to absentee owners, which makes European wasp control more difficult. However, where landowners have completed a permission form, local Wasp Wardens can enter their properties to destroy nests.

The Wasp Wardens project also provides Wardens with training and logistical support, suitable pesticides, protective gear and public liability insurance cover.

How Can I Help?

Local and absentee owners:

* Allow Wasp Wardens to enter your property, place baits and dust nests with approved pesticides.

Complete the permission form online

Print off and sign the permission form

Scan your printed form and email it, or post it to AROAPPA (address is on the form).


* Report wasp nest locations

* Place food scraps/ left-over bait in litter bins

* Avoid cleaning fish at boat ramps

* Donate!

The Wasp Wardens project is primarily funded by the community and volunteers.

It is a key project for 2015-2020 for the Anglers Reach & Old Adaminaby Progress and Preservation Association (AROAPPA).

Donate to the Eucumbene Villages Public Interest Projects Fund
BSB: 082 535
Account: 03 750 9134

AROAPPA runs other important community projects including:

  • support for the RFS in Anglers Reach
  • control of feral English Broom (in progress)
  • defibrillator access (PAD): Anglers Reach (completed) and Old Adaminaby (in progress).

Report European Wasp Nests

Contact your holiday park operator or local Wasp Warden:

Senior Wasp Warden, Old Adaminaby

Mr Terry Williams
0408 602 412

Senior Wasp Warden, Anglers Reach

Mr Bob Lawton
0418 212 204

Frying Pan Caravan Park
(02) 6453 7229

Buckenderra Holiday Village
0412 786 121

Braemar Holiday Park
0425 336 189

Providence Holiday Park
(02) 6454 2357

Anglers Reach Lakeside Village
(02) 6454 2276

Anglers Reach Caravan Park
(02) 6454 2223

Rainbow Pines Tourist Park
(02) 6454 2317

Wasp Wardens in Action

Wasp Wardens operate throughout spring, summer and autumn.

Wardens monitor European wasp populations and observe nesting and food source selection.

In late spring (October), wasps commence foraging. Wasp activity intensifies in late autumn (to May) as wasps prepare to swarm and establish new colonies.

On discovery, each nest is logged and tagged with a caution sign. A test bait station is supplied to identify the food preference, and estimate the population by set photographs and a wasp count.

After trial free feeding, pesticide is supplied, and population monitored over the coming 5 days. Most nests are controlled in this period.

Wardens continue baiting and nest destruction as needed.

Property owners are notified where nests are located and advised of the measures applied.

Where nests cannot be controlled (eg locked premises,) owners are requested to make arrangements for other remedial measures.

Please ask any Wasp Warden for information on specific wasp treatments.


In 2014/15, Lake Eucumbene foreshores suffered a severe infestation of European wasps (Vespula germanica).

  • nesting in banks, residences and gardens
  • causing nuisance and painful bites
  • spoiling food
  • degrading outdoor activities (boat and bank fishing, BBQ's, and bushwalks).

The Wasp Wardens project was formed to avert similar infestations of European wasps in future.

Many property owners around Lake Eucumbene live off site. Laws of public liability and trespass mean that European wasp nests on an absentee owner's property cannot be controlled easily. The wasps continue to pester visitors and residents unchecked.

Council has no power to implement wasp control measures. Commercial pest control is expensive and very hard to coordinate.

Project Sponsor: Anglers Reach and Old Adaminaby Preservation and Progress Association Inc (NSW Y2170639)

Contact AROAPPA about this project