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Adaminaby Park Slide Fixed

slide before repair
Broken slide taped & covered
slide after repair
Our new slide
Well, it took a month, but the Adaminaby slide has been replaced and is safe once more for our children and visiting children to use.

On 12 May, the slide was found to have a crack large enough for little hands or feet to get caught. A parent reported this to Council staff immediately.

After some discussion about upcoming rostered days off and weekend, likelihood of injury etc the Council agreed to 'try' to block the slide off asap - rather than their initial undertaking of early the next week. Thankfully, the Danger/Caution tape was up by that afternoon. In the meantime, one little girl narrowly avoided injury and had her clothes torn.

That phone call to Council was followed up by an email with photos of the damage and another phone call. But late in May, when the Adaminaby Playgroup met at the park for a playdate, the slide was still broken. The problem? The order for a new slide hadn't yet been 'signed off'.

Come on, Council. We realise you have had a hectic time with the merger going on, and staff have been under a lot of pressure; but how much does children's safety matter? We have all been assured on the Council websites that it was meant to be 'business as usual'.

Most of the Caution tape had blown away. The Playgroup was told that 'parents need to take some responsibility'. Parents did: they acted immediately to inform the only people who could remove a danger from young children. The Playgroup also replaced the tape as best they could.

Local parents knew to warn their children not to use the damaged slide. But without a secure warning sign in place, what would happen to visitors' kids who jumped out of the car and ran for the playground?

We're pleased to report that within 2 days there was a much more effective block on the cracked slide. And the new slide was installed on 7 June.

Thank you, Snowy Monaro Regional Council for providing a great new slide.

Thanks to the parents of Adaminaby Playgroup for your persistence.

What's Next for Adaminaby Playground?

While we are on the subject, the playground has seen several pieces of equipment removed in recent years, but nothing ever replaces them. Will our small fry eventually have nothing but a fenced patch of woodchips to play in!?

The view from the highway is rather depressing: missing or faded paint, a shabby looking place that is supposed to be fun.

Worse, the 'safety' fence is broken, allowing small children easy access to the highway.

We'd love to hear from the Council what their plans are to improve this essential piece of infrastructure. We are also applying for a grant from the $15M available following the council merger.

It is one of the very few public facilities for children in the whole Adaminaby - Lake Eucumbene area. It is also a 'Stop here!' sign to help get travelling families off the highway, into our town and supporting local businesses.

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The local Chamber of Commerce especially wants to develop a strong working relationship between our community and the merged Snowy Monaro Regional Council. That will mean better outcomes for all.

Good relationships don't come easy. Whingeing and dragging up past misdeeds won't grow a better future for our kids.

Nor will that future be achieved by pretending all is sweet, if it isn't. There is plenty of work ahead to build a strong district under a new Council. We will all need to work at: